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Community Standards

Effective Date: 19 June 2023

As part of our commitment to creating a trusted platform, BizCardSG has established Community Standards that work alongside our Terms and Conditions. These guidelines outline the acceptable and unacceptable behavior on BizCardSG to ensure the safety of our users and their audiences. By using BizCardSG, you agree to abide by these Community Standards.

If you encounter any content on BizCardSG that violates the standards below, please report it.

  1. Adult Content: If you link to adult content on your BizCardSG, please ensure that it is legal in your region, your media remains suitable for all ages, and you appropriately enable sensitive content labels when embedding adult material.
  2. Hate Speech: BizCardSG does not tolerate content that causes harm, incites hatred or violence, or discriminates against individuals and groups based on various characteristics.
  3. Electoral Fraud: Using BizCardSG to impede the electoral process, including misleading information about participation or attempting to sell voting rights, is prohibited.
  4. URLs: Do not engage in the buying, selling, hoarding, or trading of BizCardSG usernames. Domain squatting, which prevents others from using a username or aims to profit from reselling it, is illegal and not allowed on BizCardSG.
  5. Illegal Goods and Services: BizCardSG must not be used to advertise or facilitate the sale of regulated or illegal goods and services, including but not limited to alcohol, drugs, weapons, counterfeits, hazardous materials, stolen items, and human trafficking or prostitution.
  6. Spam and Fraud: Spamming or scamming visitors through BizCardSG, including linking to external sites that collect personal information under false pretenses, is prohibited.
  7. Harassment: Targeting individuals on BizCardSG with the intention to intimidate, harass, threaten, or bully is not allowed.
  8. Extremist/Terrorist Content: Advertising, propagandizing, praising, or collecting funds for extremist groups or their activities is strictly prohibited on BizCardSG.
  9. Child Harm: BizCardSG maintains a zero-tolerance policy for content that harms minors or endorses harm to minors, including child sexual abuse material, solicitation of minors, and inappropriate imagery involving underage individuals. Such cases are promptly reported to relevant authorities.
  10. Self-Harm: Content that promotes or idealizes self-harm, suicide, self-mutilation, disordered eating, or harmful alternatives to medical treatment is not allowed on BizCardSG.
  11. Shocking or Violent Content: Sharing content intended to shock or disturb visitors, such as gore, mutilation, excessive violence, or physical abuse, is prohibited.
  12. Copyright and Trademark: Uploading content that infringes on intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademarks, and patents, is not permitted on BizCardSG. If you believe your rights are being infringed, please contact us.
  13. Privacy and Impersonation: Protecting individual privacy is crucial on BizCardSG. Profiles that expose others’ personal identifying information, collect identifying information without legal basis, expose private media, or impersonate individuals or organizations are not allowed.
  14. Misinformation: BizCardSG prohibits the posting of misinformation, including content that is known or suspected to be false, inaccurate, or intended to misinform others.

Please familiarize yourself with these Community Standards as they are an integral part of using BizCardSG.

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