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Professional All-in-One Digital Business Card.

Shorten URLs, create mini pages, custom QR codes, vcard links, file links & more. Streamline your Online and Offline Networking Efforts with QR/NFC-Enabled Physical Cards and Customizable Button Links.


Say goodbye to traditional paper business cards and embrace the power of digital connectivity. With our cutting-edge solution, you can streamline your online and offline networking efforts, create a lasting impression, and effortlessly share your professional information with potential clients, partners, and contacts.

Create a unique mini page link effortlessly. Showcase your skills, products, and services with our mini page links. Update your card in real-time and ensure your contacts always have the latest information.

Multiple Sharing Option

Share your card through QR codes, email, text messages, or social media.

QR Code Generator

Generate fully-featured QR codes with ease using our platform. Choose from a variety of customizable templates to create the perfect QR code for your needs

Built-in analytics system

Our analytics are easy to understand, yet provide in-depth insights into your link performance. Gain valuable data on card views, link clicks, and other engagement metrics.

Save to Phonebook

With the ability to directly save and download contact information to your phonebook, you never have to worry about losing a potential connection.

Quality NFC Card

High Quality custom printed NFC digital business card for your offline business networking. Seamlessly bridge the gap between digital and physical networking.

How does it work?

How to use our Professional All-in-One Digital Business Card in 4 simple steps:

Sign up

Create your account on our platform and set up your professional profile. Customize your design, add your contact information, social media links, and any other relevant details.

Enhance Your Digital Card

Take advantage of our advanced features to add interactive elements to your card. Create shortened URLs, generate custom QR codes, attach vcard and file links, and tailor your card to suit your specific needs.

Share Your Digital Card

Share your digital business card effortlessly in both online and offline settings. Simply hand out your physical NFC-enabled card or share a QR code for others to scan. You can also send your card via email, text message, or share it on social media platforms.

Manage and Analyze

Easily manage and update your digital business card through our user-friendly dashboard. Access analytics and insights to track engagement, understand user behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your networking efforts.

Our Customers:

Join the ranks of successful professionals who have embraced the power of our Professional All-in-One Digital Business Card.
Streamline your networking efforts, make a lasting impression, and effortlessly share your professional information with ease.
Sign up today and take your networking to the next level!

Our Simple
Straight-Forward Pricing

Get your NFC Card and customize it using our online designer, add to cart and checkout.
You can get the bundled NFC Business Card + 1 yr of Digital Business Card subscription.

Custom NFC Card



/ card

  • Your own custom design
    Upload your file
    Online Designer
    Ships in 3 working days

NFC + Digital Card



  • $20 NFC Business Card
  • $90 / yr digital business card
  • Mini Page
  • Ready to use digital card template
  • Social Media Blocks
  • Direct Save to Phone

Corporate Team Package

  • Custom package for corporate team.

Design your NFC Business Card

You can start designing your own NFC business card using our online card designer.
We have available templates that you can quickly update.

How would you like to design your

Upload a full design

  • - Have a complete design
  • - Have your own designer

Design here online

  • - Already have your concept
  • - Customise every detail